This is a check of your abilities to find and solve problems. We've implemented a class to represent seasons, only there's something wrong with it.

There are a number of bugs in it, and frankly, we can't see them!

To do this, you'll need


  1. Implement testShouldHaveAllDatesInNorthernHemisphereSummer
  2. Fix all of the bugs that are breaking the current tests
  3. Send in your entry to Doesn't hurt to include a resume, either!


About us

rp.valex is a rapidly growing South Australian business providing software solutions for the real estate valuation industry. Our clients include some include some of Australia's larger banks and mortgage lenders. ValEx is our primary application, helping support over 4000 users a day complete over 1000 valuation reports a day.

We make use of PHP 5, many open source components from PEAR to OpenOffice, to MySQL.

As a developer at rp.valex, you could be responsible for developing improvements to our statisical reporting engine to vastly upgrading our web services capabities, or designing that one really slick bit of user interface.

Opportunity is only a few answers away, so get cracking!